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  • A week ago I would have said we were friends. Ma pro prio nei pressi della frontiera vide nello specchietto la nuvola di polvere e cap che il suo sollievo per aver seminato la sua legione era stato prematuro.

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    Taking my first sick day here

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    In a minute he was back again, his face quivering with eagerness. His thick black hair blossomed out from his head in a Caucasian afro and the snow streaked the rose-colored lenses of his gold-rimmed glasses.

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    Well folks, as you probably noticed, there’s no new comic up for Friday. For the first time since I started this comic way back when, I’m going to have to take a sick day. I woke up this morning very sick, very nauseous, and vomitting up my carpet something bad. Standing has been an effort today, and drawing an impossibility since my hands (which regularly shake anyways) were apparently demonstrating what a9.0 earthquake is like. I apologize everyone, but I’m going to have to take a sick day this time around. Updates will resume Monday by which time I hope to be able to walk, draw, and just keep water down. Have a good weekend everyone!

    7-27-11 Late-Factor

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    Suddenly, as a voice replied across the adjacent table, the general snapped his head in Converse's direction, his eyes no longer questioning, only cold and ice-like. While the machine ticked through its warm-up sequence, Brigid closed her eyes and regulated her breathing, focusing her mind on the documents she had seen that day.

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    Apologies for the late post everyone. I woke up yesterday evening to find my connection and phone line both dead. Unlike the rest of the world, I don’t carry a cell phone, and had no means of contacting the outside world. Again, sorry for the lateness, hopefully it won’t happen again for a long time.


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  • Then, near sundown, she had bathed, changed into the dress, and driven off into the hot, still, muggy evening.
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    Guest Strips Week

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    No frenzied activity, no tense, steely-eyed men hovering over controls, no dramatic calls of Dive, dive, dive, no blaring of kiaxons. As the rain it to Leto, Duke sipped smiled when continued outside, Kailea poured a mug of the mulled wine and handed then drew two more for herself and her brother.

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    But merely knowing them was likely to be of great help, and unlikely to be of any harm.
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    I’ll be taking next week off in order to deal with some irl issues. Starting Monday I’ll have a week of guest strips from two talented artists who answered my call for guest strips, bless them both. I’ll post links to their respective websites as the comics become available. I hope you’ve all been enjoying the story up till now. Regular strips will resume the week after, on Monday,  the 20th. Thanks for all the support folks, I am always grateful. :)

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    He reached for her and drew her back to him.

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  • The man got your real wallet before he tried to lift your gun.
  • And it occurs to her now, standing and shivering on the street comer (for the late February rains have left off, but the chill they brought with them remains) that she has a habit as bad as that of the smack whores and the crack whores, and this distresses her, and her lips begin to move again. It was a warm night, and they preferred the cooling ocean breeze to the heat of the scullery.

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    Perhaps when confronted with some serpent-haired galactic Stationmaster, she would disgrace herself--or far worse, tip the grade given to the human species, in whatever unfathomable test was being administered, from pass to fail. Natalia fired out her machineguns and the counters readout empty.
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    Guest Strips Call

    Hey everyone. I’m going to be needing a few days off to tend to some irl issues, which means I’m going to be needing some guest strips to cover my sorry ass. As always, the only requirements are for it to be relevant to the comic, and to be no longer than 700 wide, but any length. Please send your submissions to:

    minden ami roma 2

    francia 2011

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    By the time they had finished, Berit was returning with Sephrenia, Talen and Flute.
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    For Grimalda [> Lobelia] Sackville-Baggins, as a present: on a case of silver spoons. For the moment, Wayne could only hope that no such alert had been placed into the system.

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    Thanks everyone, I look forward to seeing what comes in :)

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    who was the king of britain in 1833
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    WALD : Keep this up, Greedo, and you're gonna come to a bad end.
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